Birth name
Ignacio González
Deep & Soulful House
Years active

Ignacio Gonzalez aka DJ MAPP, born in Valparaiso, Chile and lived abroad for over half of his life. His experience in South and North American, as well as European Countries and being in contact with both the vernacular and the latest creatives and musical movements in the world have made his particular musical vision and  his architectonic-artistic-visual expression.
The Architect of House
His musical taste got fed by Disco, R&B and 70’s Funk. During the 80’s and 90’s by jazz, Jazz Rock and later Fusion Jazz. All this brought him finally during the mid 90’s to Acid Jazz. In his permanent search for the next musical expression that fancy his taste, was House Music in the late 90’s that became the genre of his predilection.
What appeals most to his followers is the ambient that DJ Mapp generates with his playlists, a constant state of happiness flows from within his live presentations as well as his internet shows.
DJ Mapp proposes a rediscovery of musical expressions that has some decades now, being relived by new genres. Finally, his is an invitation to release yourself to a quality and elegant musical experience.