Qué es el Soulful House?

El Soulful House es un subgénero de la música House que incorpora vibras melódicas y musicalización sofisticada, elementos de Rythm & Blues y Vocalistas Soulful.

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Qué es el Deep House?

Deep house es un subgénero del House originado en los años 1980 en Estados Unidos, donde inicialmente se combinaron elementos del Chicago house con el

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Qué es la Música House?

El house es un estilo de música electrónica de baile (es un estilo de ésta pero también es uno de sus primeros géneros y precursores)

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Like a lot of Dj’s I fell into it just by having a huge amount of music due to my early years of working in a small local record shop and wondered what should I do to with it all, so in 1992 I bought my first set of decks

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DJane Love

Born in Argentina, my passion for House Music comes from my youth, but wasnt until 10 years ago that I dared to dive into the arts of Djing.I would say my style is a mix of Soulful House, Latin House & Tech House,

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Mixmaster Precise

Hailing from Philadelphia, Mixmaster Precise, began his venture into music quite peculiarly.  While most DJ’s would state their venture started on turntables of some types,

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It’s not about the Hardware, but the love of House Music Ignacio Gonzalez aka DJ MAPP, born in Valparaiso, Chile and lived abroad for over half of his life. His experience in South and North American, as well as European Countries and being in contact with both the

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Luife, arquitect and DJ has his musical beginnings back in 1994, when he starts his own radio music program on a university radio in his hometown Viña del Mar. This is where his musical range widens significantly, airing music of such different styles as,

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“Music is in my veins like heroin and I´m addicted”.From Disco to Hip Hop to House. In House I´ve found a home.I live in NYC and when I spin you hear it cause it´s all I know. Soulful House is my genre of choice.

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