Hailing from Philadelphia, Mixmaster Precise, began his venture into music quite peculiarly.  While most DJ’s would state their venture started on turntables of some types, this is not the case here.  Mixmaster Precise takes us back to his grass-root days, and how he started his mix prowess on an am/fm cassette radio and a record player,  later moving onward to a double cassette boom box doing pause button mixes that gave no indication that turntables hadn’t been used.   From the beginning, Mixmaster Precise marched to a different beat, ushering in his own brand of innovation & musical perspective, which was clearly heard and acknowledged in his mixes by other DJ’s & listeners alike.    Moving years ahead, Mixmaster Precise can be found on multiple networks doing his “Expect the Unexpected” shows, called The Fun House Show Live.   Join me please as THE FUN begins.